Out of Bounds is defined by:

  • Fences and white stakes at the outside perimeter of the course
  • Fence and white stakes round the driving range
  • Front edge of the clubhouse and adjoining fences


All penalty areas on the course are red, are marked by red stakes and are located:

  • Behind hole No. 3, continues on the left side of hole No. 4 to the road.
  • On the left side of hole No. 5.
  • On the right side of hole No. 7 starting from the red tees. This area is penalty area only while playing hole No. 7, otherwise it has a status of general area.

Penalty areas with play prohibited are marked as bio-zone and are located:

  • Between holes No. 1 and 4 and between holes No. 7, 8 and 9.



Dropping Zone

  • Dropping zone is defined at hole No. 5 and provides an additional option for dropping a ball with a penalty stroke while taking relief from a red penalty area under Rule 17.1 when the ball last crossed the margin of the penalty area closer to the hole then the dropping zone. The dropping zone is a relief area under Rule 14.3.

Preferred Lies

  • When a player’s ball lies in a part of the general area cut to fairway height or less, the player may take free relief once by placing the original ball or another ball in and playing it from this relief area:
    • Reference Point: Spot of the original ball.
    • Size of Relief Area Measured from Reference Point: One scorecard length from the reference point, but with these limits:
    • Limits on Location of Relief Area: Must not be nearer the hole than the reference point and must be in the general area.
  • In proceeding under this Local Rule, the player must choose a spot to place the ball and use the procedures for replacing a ball under Rules 14.2b(2) and 14.2e.


Protection of young trees

  • The young trees identified by wooden support are no play zones. If such a tree interferes with the player’s stance or area of intended swing or if the ball lies on or touches such a tree the player must take relief under Rule 16.1f or 17.1e.



Immovable Obstructions are all objects as per the definition including:

  • Access road that intersecting the course
  • All parts of the irrigation system
  • Access paths made of wooden beams, including stairs
  • Stakes marking the memorial place on hole No. 2
  • Temporary working road to the left of hole No. 4
  • Fixed information boards and signing posts
  • Ball washers

Movable Obstructions are all objects as per the definition including:

  • Rakes
  • All stakes except out of bounds stakes and stakes marking the memorial place on hole No. 2

Ground Under Repair

  • Areas marked by blue stakes or white or blue lines.
  • Memorial place on hole No. 2 – this is a no play zone.
  • The area under the clubhouse terrace covered with mulch bark – this is a not play zone.

Seams of Cut Turf

  • If a player’s ball lies in or touches a seam of cut turf or a seam interferes with the player’s area of intended swing:
    • Ball in General Area: The player may take relief under Rule 16.1b.
    • Ball on Putting Green: The player may take relief under Rule 16.1d.
  • But interference does not exist if the seam only interferes with the player’s stance. All seams within the area of cut turf are treated as the same seam in taking relief. This means that if a player has interference from any seam after dropping the ball, the player must proceed as required under Rule 14.3c(2) even when the ball is still within one club-length of the reference point.



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