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Due to the new measures of the Government of the Czech Republic in connection with COVID-19 valid from 1/3/2021, it is necessary to follow stated conditions.

Movement at the golf course
Visitors are required to have their mouths and nose covered at least with respirator class of FFP2 (mouth protection) in the whole area.

Booking and playing on the golf course
– Reservations can be made through the reception of the club – phone number 257 216 584 or through
– Check-in of players will be done only through the window at the reception.
– Players can be moving on the golf course in the group of 2 people per 1 starting time. If distance of the players is less than 2 meters, they are obliged to use mouth protection. In a case of family members, it is possible for a group of players to have 3 people and this group does not have to use mouth protection.
– It is forbidden to manipulate and touch the flagpole even when removing the ball from the hole. The player must not touch the equipment of other players in any way. It is forbidden to manipulate and touch movable obstructions and pins marking penalty areas. Players must use the drop rule according to the nature of each situation.
– Buggies can be used by 2 players, mouth protection must be used, with the exception of members of one household. Players must keep a distance of 2 m during the game.
– Before the start of the game and after the end of the game, physical contact of individual players (handshake, kissing, etc.) is prohibited. The exception applies only to members of the same household and family.

The restaurant will provide drinks and snacks through the service window. Visitors are obliged to keep a distance of two meters and if they do not consume purchased drinks or food, they must wear mouth protection.

The clubhouse WC and changing rooms are closed.

Outdoor training must be maintained for a maximum of 2 people. That means that individual trainings, academies (children, adults) are limited by one coach and one student. If these people are closer to each other than 2 meters, they are obliged to use mouth protection. Training of individual players is allowed, but they must keep a distance of two meters from other coaching players. If these rules are not followed, the player will be expelled from the golf course.

Karel Kučera
Golf Club Praha

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